Our Animals

Look at our animals you can come and meet

We have 6 Donkeys. OJ is a miniature donkey just 32" high. Billy and Jack were orginally from the New Forest. The 3 white Donkeys and the little foul were rescued recently from South Wales. We are hoping for our friends of LARKSTONE to name them soon!


The Emus came from Torrington and have already made it on the local news and even featured in the Guardian paper, for escaping last October. There very friendly and love all the attention.


The Pygmy Goats moved to Larkstone with us and our tame, especially the black and white one. She is called "Maisy". We have recently bought 2 more Pygmy goats they are called Miss Piggy and Poppy and they are settling in well with the others.


Christian started to breed chickens (large fowl). We have lots of exciting rare breeds to share with you and in the near future, hope to have a hatching station.


In our avariy we have finches, cockateils, conures and quails.


Our new arrivals the BLACK SWANS. They are stunning and if you have never seen one before you should come and have a look.


What Else would you like to see at Larkstone?



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